Seriously, do North American politicians need to have dictionaries thrown at them?

Minimum.  As in the lowest, the least.  And yet, there needs to be a wage lower than that, as if the people they choose to make below minimum wage are somehow just making too much money.  

I’m a server at a breakfast restaurant, I live in an apartment with a roommate, I take the bus, I don’t buy designer shit, I had to put my TV on my credit card and pay it off slowly… does it sound like I make such a ridiculous amount of money that I need to have a lower wage?

They shall protest the plight of the poor downtrodden business owner to justify this, right?  Let’s see, our owner has several cars, several vacation homes, and I was working for him, making his customers happy so they could make him money for over two years before he learned my name.  I wear a name tag.

This guy deserves to be catered to?  Seriously?  And they say there’s no need for class warfare… no, they just don’t want us fighting back.  They’re happy with us taking the scraps beneath the dinner table while they feast.

They take pleasure in telling us that without customers, we wouldn’t have jobs… but without us, they wouldn’t have customers.  Without people who are working hard for their paltry minimum wage, those who make these laws, those who lobby for them, would be absolutely lost.  No waitresses to feed them, no cashier to ring through their groceries, no stock boys to keep the shelves stocked in the first place…

…imagine a world without janitors.  Think about it too hard, you may end up with nightmares.

Every job has a place in our society, everyone is crucial for it all to work.  Without us, you’d be just as fucked as you keep proclaiming we will be without you.  Wake up. And after you wake up and go get your Starbucks, realize that without that barista, you’d be an ever crankier son of a bitch.  Or a bitch.


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