so, I still suck at using wordpress, and after writing a letter to the Counselor backing the petition, and now a letter to the newspaper regarding the article, my brain will not let me comprehend much else, let alone how to insert a link properly into this.  so, I’m sorry.


if I was awesome, that would work as a proper link, so let’s cross our fingers for awesomeness.

and here is my letter to the editors and the writers at said newspaper.  enjoy. or don’t. my head hurts too much to care now 😉

First of all, I would like to thank Stephanie Ip and Gordon McIntyre for showing us both sides in this article, and at least giving Steven Mountford the chance to address these allegations presented in the students’ petition.

Second, I have a couple choice words for those involved in this petition.  Most of which initially were unprintable.

While I am certain that the intentions of the students involved in this petition to shut down the Paramount are kindhearted, they are severely naive and uninformed.  Unfortunately, if this naivete and running on pervasive damaging stereotypes is not addressed, we will never move forward as a society.  That is at the heart of the matter, evolving to a world where social justice is not just an ideal, right?  Where patriarchal stereotypes don’t lead to the marginalization of women, especially women in the sex industry.

The dangerous part of the mindset that inspires these types of petitions and movements is sadly a very misogynistic and outdated mindset, one that declares that women can’t make their own informed choices, that women are not permitted to own their sexuality, but rather shall do with themselves and their sexuality as the status quo declares.  This is the center of women’s rights, that we have the right to choose, not to have people choose for us.  By going ahead with this petition and demanding to shut down a legal, legitimate, tax-paying business, the students and faculty involved are basically telling us that women in the sex industry don’t even know they’re being degraded.  We’re just too stupid, we don’t understand, we couldn’t possibly want to do that for a living!  We must save them from themselves!  Yes, I’m sure the dancers and other employees of the Paramount will all flock to them in subservient gratitude if they succeed in costing them their jobs.

If the students, faculty and city counsel members involved had any actual interest in social justice, they would have contacted the people involved first, educated themselves.  We don’t need saving, we need to abolish the damaging stereotypes that declare that we can’t think for ourselves.  We don’t need to be saved, we need people to get over themselves and stop trying to impose their own limited ignorant morality on us all.  The only thing these misguided mindsets accomplish is letting people like Pickton get away with preying upon sex workers, because whether we’re dancers, porn actors, escorts or survival sex workers, we are marginalized and brushed aside, silenced.

Maybe if these kids really did want to “increase knowledge” they would instead do what a Psychology class at UBC does; have a panel of sex workers who are involved in not only the fields, but also outreach and educational programs related to their portion of the sex industry talk about their work, why they do it, and how society treats us.  There’s also a question and answer period.  That is true progress, not imposed morality dictated by misguided adults forcing their outdated views on impressionable minds.

Want to help us?  Start listening to us instead of telling us what to do.


Sascha Sexiana
former exotic dancer


2 thoughts on “High School Kids create petition to shut down the Paramount Gentlemen’s Club in New Westminster, B.C.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write your opinion because it DOES count. Even though the dancers are not even having their voices heard when it is them that are technically being spotlighted. People need to educate themselves before talking about something they have no idea about.

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